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The Crafties

                Make it happen.

The Crafties offers an accessible, comfy and ‘community’ coworking space for crafters with a purpose.

Whether you’re a freelancer, designer, instructor, a start-up company or a social entrepreneur, our goal is to give you the freedom of setting up shop -- your very own home office – in a creative and enterprising environment where you can showcase your talent, connect with a community, and reach your target client.

Nestled in the heart of the city, we offer flexible coworking space arrangements, resources and support to help you get things done. This includes access to workshop facilities, supplies, a library and gallery, and a place to just hang out and meet like-minded people.

Rent a desk space on an hourly basis to work on a project. Share your skills, collaborate with other crafters, or market your products at The Crafties Campus & The Crafties Souk. Organize get-togethers and meet-ups through The Crafties Social.


If you have a craft, an idea, a purpose…let The Crafties be your home to make it happen.


假如你有一個手作構思, 一個企劃,讓手作人幫你自作業...

手作人致力提供手作人、自由/藝術工作者、設計師、導師、創業者或社會企業一個親切、舒適、多功能的公社式工作空間 (coworking space)。

我們讓你擁有 HOME OFFICE 的工作環境來實現創意,跟一眾同好分享手作喜樂,同時全面向大眾推廣你的創作理念。


你可以在手作人租用工作檯 (時租、日租、月租)自由創作,解決缺乏工作室的問題;也可以於手作人學院 (The Crafties Capmus) 開班教授你的手藝,與學生分享手作樂趣;或於手作人市集(The Crafties Souk)寄賣產品,跟客戶交流接觸;甚至在手作圈 (The Crafties Social) 接觸更多手作同好及業內資訊,拼發更多創意。

假如你有一個手作夢, 一個企劃,請讓手作人幫你自作業...

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