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Upcoming & Past Workshops

If you missed the one you wanted to join, don't be shy and contact us! We will try to make it happen for you! A lot of our classes can be held with just a minimum of 2-3 students. Visit our Facebook page for the most UPDATED workshops! 


Our space is perfect for craft parties too! Be it a birthday, hen night or graduation, we can tailor a party with handicrafting for you and up to 24 friends! Start planning for your party!

Past Workshop

Adults/Children knitting class

Have you been thinking Knitting as a Granny Hobby?

Come visit us and find out how the ancient textile art has transformed in the modern times. Class Detail

​Conducted in English/Cantonese



Beading 1001


Join a beginner beading workshop run by bigbabybakery. Learn the basic, one day you will be able to make these lovely cup cakes? 

Conducted in Cantonese

跟bigbabybakery的導師,通過製作串珠首飾的過程學習基本串珠針法, 製作多款創意串珠飾物。


編織是傳統工藝, 也是潮流玩意!
手提包,毛毯,靠墊, 居家拖鞋...來一起編織溫暖又時尚的生活!



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